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In 2018, we launched a national rollout of our programs in partnership with SAP, at their key U.S locations: Philadelphia, Palo Alto, New York City, Atlanta, and Seattle.
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Our Services

Forefront is a premier training provider helping Fortune 1000 firms and emerging tech companies adapt to the future of work and its diverse workforce. It is vital that today's talent develops inclusive leadership and cultural competency skills to better manage and lead the evolving workforce. We help you accelerate culture change and develop 21st century talent that is equipped to meet the demands of the future of work.

We offer customized training and workshops as an extended part of your talent strategies through our Forefront Cultures™ framework. Workshops include Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Competency, Workplace Belonging and Wellbeing, Cross-Generational and Cross-Racial/Ethnic Collaboration.

We also work with your organization internally and help you build sponsorship cultures, reverse mentoring initiatives and interactive recruiting conferences that connect your senior leaders to emerging talent. Below are some of our signature offerings.

Forefront Cultures™

A sponsorship program for emerging talent and senior executives, where your early to mid-career employees have the opportunity to gain exposure and learn from their senior leaders.
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A reverse mentoring program for your senior executives, which pairs them together with underrepresented talent.
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Forefront Summits

Hands-on recruitment conferences that bring together Human Resource leaders and emerging talent.
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To learn more, download our white paper on the Forefront Cultures ™ framework

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